Gary M.B. Kribbs, P.G
Situation Analysis, Regulatory Environment, Site Locations & Analysis
Gary Kribbs has over twenty years of experience directing and implementing a wide range of geologic, hydrogeologic, engineering geology and environmental investigations and providing leadership and guidance for teams of professionals and technicians in the geoscience and engineering disciplines. His technical responsibilities have included developing and conducting geologic, hydrogeologic (water supply, remediation design and construction) and geotechnical surface and subsurface investigations. Mr. Kribbs has successfully completed and cost effectively managed dozens of projects ranging in budget from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. His geological exploration investigations exceed 55,000 lineal feet of geotechnical and water well drilling with inspection, logging and interpretation. Over the past twenty years, Mr. Kribbs has managed numerous consultant teams and interacted closely with public sector and private corporate clients.