Aeon Geoscience, Inc
Gary M.B. Kribbs, P.G.

AEON is a consulting business with extensive experience in a broad range of geosciences. AEON specializes in the application of creative solutions to agency/client dispute resolution, bringing a wealth of experience directly to the client.

Water Disciplines: AEON’S water resource services include spring water and municipal source water evaluation, water budgets and reserve & recharge area estimation, drought contingency planning, constructed wetland hydraulics design, and construction inspection.  In addition, AEON provides evaluation of water quality & chemistry for remedial groundwater designs, including creative and beneficial use of acid mine water.

Engineering Geology: AEON’S engineering geology disciplines encompass aerial photograph/remote sensing evaluation for geological hazards (landslides, slope stability, mine subsidence, karst-sinkholes), grouting programs for both karst and mining subsidence, geology & hydrogeology support for geotechnical engineering and foundation studies, and rock and soil slope stability evaluation.

Additionally, AEON has developed cooperative partnerships with several other highly experienced professional experts in contiguous and overlapping disciplines (e.g., Geochemistry, Statistics & Wetlands & permitting expertise).


Aeon Geoscience
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